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NovAntiqua's Manifest

Some guidelines of NovAntiqua

Every little handling of a human being is a political act and potentially revolutionary. So also a little independent label has to be a little answer against the wrong part of the world.
How can a little independent music label be a part of the revolution? First of all: why we still produce CDs? The idea of digital music as alternative to the production of a physical support is desperately leading to an underpaid system because of the streaming. Spotify & co. pay so less that it would be impossible for not commercial/mass music to survive, you have to know that an half million of streaming on Spotify means no more then 1500 €! This means that the dictatorship of the capitalism still (and will) influence the artistic production on the planet in a totally new, absolutistic way. You will survive if you produce mass wares, otherwise you will be invisible or death.

So we still produce CDs for five reasons:
1. There is a lot of incredible musicians with wonderful original ideas and music to bring to the light of the world.
2. The same reason because books still exist!
3. We believe that the digitally world give a sense of not importance to the things, a way of life based on a cheap "catch and carry". We need to choose and touch our beloved persons like our beloved things.
4. We give a lot of care producing our CDs and we like this, from the recording, to the graphic and the materials, we like that the persons feel our attention in doing it and they can feel it only having a real object.
5. We hope then in ten or more years the persons will like to hear again the music from our CDs, then they will have to take time, put the cd in the player and dedicate some time to hear the music. It’s not a “fast hearing”: Spotify is Deliveroo with an underpaid student on a bicycle living eight hours breathing shit in the traffic, a CD is a real restaurant. Like a big club is a mass ware for mass people and a little club with Iive music is for persons who like to hear to.

NovAntiqua pretend to be so clean as possible, so we reduced to the minimum the abuse of plastic in the production and we don’t produce more then we need, we know: “if you produce a lot is cheaper” like IKEA, but for us it is more important to pay the right to receive what we really need and don't stimulate a super production.
We don’t ship our items with super fast courier. We don’t want to be part of this idea of the unnatural ultra fast society. You buy on our online shop and we will delivery with a normal post, in a human time. If you buy on our website we don’t use 24H service, no DHL, Amazon or other slavery systems. Why have I to receive something in only 24 hours if I bought it on an online shop in Italy and I live in Australia? Learn to wait again, human being, you will be more and more satisfied.
We decide the price of our music without rules, we just think: this is just the right price! Our pricing system has to be free from the capitalistic idea of price dumping/growing that kills quality of the things and reduce the work of the people to an “economical function”.
We are not “cheaper because is internet”. We have the same prices of a normal shop because we are happier if you go in a music shop in your city, speaking with the people working there and buy there our music, then if you buy on our online shop!