Hildegard Kuen

viola player

Violist of Quartetto Euphoria and teacher at Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, Hildegard Kuen is a NovAntiqua artist.

The Euphoria female humorous string quartet was formed in 1999, baptized by the Banda Osiris, with whom they subsequently recorded and collaborated on several occasions.
In January 2002 the Quartet collaborated with the Fabrizio De André Foundation performing some original arrangements of songs by the great Genoese singer-songwriter. Among the Group's activities there are also several soundtracks: Love with a capital S by Paolo Costella, Turtles on the back by Stefano Pasetto, The embalmer and Estate Romana by Matteo Garrone, and Primo Amore.

The Scuola di Musica di Fiesole was founded in 1974 by Piero Farulli, violist of the legendary Quartetto Italiano, and has grown to its present status thanks to the contribution of passionate professors. An international music benchmark for more than forty years, the School is currently home to 1,600 students, 14 orchestras and 6 choirs, and holds more than 180 performances annually.

Artist's works