Stephen Dodgson


Stephen Cuthbert Vivian Dodgson (1924-2013) was a British composer and broadcaster. Dodgson's prolific musical output covered most genres, ranging from opera and large-scale orchestral music to chamber and instrumental music, as well as choral works and song. Three instruments to which he dedicated particular attention were the guitar, harpsichord and recorder. He wrote in a mainly tonal, although sometimes unconventional, idiom.

Stephen Dodgson was the third child of the symbolist painter John Arthur Dodgson and his wife, and also an artist.

He started studing composition after the Second World War (in 1942, he was conscripted into the Royal Navy and took part in anti-submarine warfare escorting convoys in the Battle of the Atlantic) enrolling at the Royal College of Music in 1946, where in 1956 Dodgson was able to return in a teaching capacity and in 1965 he was appointed professor of composition and music theory.