Hans Werner Henze over 500 views on YouTube

Hans Werner Henze over 500 views on YouTube

Our M/V presenting the last project by Marco Minà is over 500 views on YouTube!

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of H. W. Henze’s death - supported by the H. W. Henze Foundation and the P. Sacher Foundation - a work by the Italian guitarist Marco Mina’ featuring the complete recording of the two Royal Winter Music Sonatas on Shakespearean Characters, for NovAntiqua Records in the world premiere recording according to the original manuscript. Also being released the new printed version of Royal Winter Music I for Schott’s Music, revised by Marco Mina'. The mediabook with the CD is enhanced by Fabio Mantegna’s photos taken at Villa la Leprara, Henze’s historic home in Italy, and a Documentary in DVD “H. W. Henze at Villa la Leprara” shot by Marco Mina’, a unique document of a house now sold.

Credits: Hans Werner Henze Foundation Münich - Michael Kerstan Paul Sacher Foundation Basel - Simon Obert Schott’s Music Edition – Andreas Krause Fabio Mantegna Claudia Compagnucci Vincenzo Lauria Dario Lanciotti Gianmarco Santoro Emanuele Pappalardo Gaston Fournier-Facio Anton Giulio Onofri Marco Malagola Nick Valente Helen Grobb Sally Groves Caroline Barber ARPA Film Regione Lazio Basement Studio

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