Early music: Ahi! Amours

Ahi! Amours

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This recording includes several pieces of medieval music, fragments of centuries-old practices from every corner of an incredibly wide map. The voice, which is the most important instrument of the Middle Ages and the real common thread between tracks, narrates this kaleidoscopic experience. It is accompanied by ever-changing instruments and musicians, and it guides the listener to the discovery of the many facets of ‘medieval music’. It is an inevitably partial narrative of those crowded centuries, but it aims at providing a clear image of that period through the performance and choice of 17 pieces, and through the analysis of the instruments used.

The cd is enriched by the contribution of colleagues such as François Lazarevitch (dir. Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien), Catalina Vicens (dir. Servir Antico), Patrizia Bovi (dir. Micrologus), Mauro Borgioni, Michal Gondko and Corina Marti. 

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