Enrico Gatti and The Solitude

Enrico Gatti and The Solitude

Dear friends, this will be one of my last gifts to you and, I think, one of the most important:


o siano

Praeludii, Ricercate, Passaggi, Arie & un Passagallo

per il Violino solo senza basso

with the addition of some inscribed texts

and with the images by Silvia Camporesi

Praeconium Solitudinis is a story dedicated to all fragile souls who struggle: a story made up of almost two hours of music, fifty texts by poets, writers and philosophers (in their original languages ​​and with English translations), eighteen very personal colour photographic images: all enclosed in a 100-page book.

It is a project that began to creep into my mind many years ago, and which over time has evolved, changing shape a thousand times until it assumed this final form. An idea that I have never abandoned in the course of my life but which, at the same time, I never felt ready to implement.

A poem by Rainer Maria Rilke reads: “Be patient with all that is unresolved in your heart”.

On the one hand, it was a simple matter of modesty that held me back: showing certain intimate sides of one's being is not easy, especially for those people who are naturally characterized by shyness. On the other hand, I was uncertain and skeptical about what the impact on the public could have been, about the real interest that such a project would have aroused in people.

However, the time that passed, even without my intervention, in the meantime made things mature slowly in an underground way, pushing me to choose one piece or text rather than another, gradually adding grains of determination to my insecurity, just like the sand of an hourglass goes down slowly but surely.

The advancing age finally pushed me to act and gradually convinced me that this would be the right time to carry out "Praeconium Solitudinis" and offer this story of mine to everyone.

A story does not only speak of what we have experienced and what we remember but also of what we have dreamed of living and imagine we have experienced, of what we have experienced badly and how we can try to reconcile with ourselves. As Oscar Wilde said: no man is rich enough to buy back his past.

However, dreaming about the past, among other things, can mean trying to understand it and improve oneself.

This strange project speaks about the journey of an artist: about the need to isolate oneself in order to remain in direct contact with the ideals that have been chosen and that it is not always possible to live in the midst of the world’s tumult, it also speaks about the search for beauty. There is an area in the brain that could be defined as "poetic memory", which records everything that has fascinated us, that has moved us, everything that brings us closer to beauty.

I felt the need to release my senses.

I believe that not only the five physical senses exist (touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing): we are also endowed with five spiritual senses, which are emotion, imagination, intuition, consciousness and inspiration. Life goes far beyond the physical dimension. Through all these senses, the path that describes a life from various points of view has been outlined.

Loneliness is neither isolation nor estrangement: it can instead be a search for different and superior forms of communication. I don't mean it as a rejection of the world but rather as a willingness to change it.

Little or too much, right or wrong, this is what I have to offer to those who want to listen, read and observe.

I have searched for myself: one does not seek anything but this.”

(Cesare Pavese)

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