Harpsichordist Mario Sollazzo on Radio France today

Harpsichordist Mario Sollazzo and his cd DIMINUZIONI ALL'IMPROVVISO

Novantiqua artist Mario Sollazzo, harpsichordist and conductor, is been introduced on France Musique' s program En Pistes by Rodolphe Bruneau-Boulmier and Emilie Munera On https://www.radiofrance.fr/francemusique/podcasts/en-pistes/emiliano-gonzalez-toro-zachary-wilder-un-duo-de-tenors-ebouriffant-7459449 at 01.10.35 you can listen to the podcast with some extracts from his last cd DIMINUZIONI ALL'IMPROVVISO: the Prelude and Variations on the Choral "Vater Unser in Himmelreich" of J.S. Bach and the diminutions on "De gli occhi il dolce giro" of Luca Marenzio.

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