MOONWALK, by Tommaso e Alexander Lonquich, is out today!

A beautiful recording for clarinet and piano with music by Johannes Brahms, Camille Saint-Saens, Ferruccio Busoni, Max Reger and Claude Debussy.

“We should constantly be reminding ourselves that the beauty of a work of art is something that will always remain mysterious; that is to say one can never find out exactly ‘how it is done.’ At all costs let us preserve this element of magic peculiar to music. By its very nature music is more likely to contain something of the magical than any other art.

After the god Pan had put together the seven pipes of the syrinx, he was at first only able to imitate the long, melancholy note of the toad wailing in the moonlight. Later he was able to compete with the singing of the birds, and it was probably at this time that the birds increased their repertoire.

These are sacred enough origins, and music can be proud of them and preserve a part of their mystery. In the name of all the gods, let us not rid it of this heritage by trying to ‘explain’ it… Let it be enhanced by delicately preserving our ‘good taste,’ the guardian of all that is secret.”

Claude Debussy, La Revue Musicale,  May 1913

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