Early music: Le Fate 1736: The film

Le Fate 1736: The film

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Le Fate was performed as world premiere after 350 years by Alraune during 10 sold out shows at Ekhof Baroque Festival. The amazing staging by Anne Juds was enriched by the costumes of Evelyna Schubert and Heike Neubauer and the light design by Fabio Antoci. The film is completed by a documentary about the history of the opera and the “back stage” of the production.


Le Fate, opera in three acts on a Libretto by Stefano Benedetto Pallavicino

Alcina: Federica Carnevale | Bradamante: Arianna Donadelli | Melissa: Carla Nahadi Babelegoto | Ruggiero: Nicholas Spanos | Astolfo: Matteo Desole | Doro: Giacomo Schiavo | Director: Anne Juds | Costumes: Heike Neubauer-Antoci & Evelyna Schubert | Light Disigner: Fabio Antoci | Dancers: Jessica Rapelli, Monica Zanotti, Francesca Caselli 

Film Director: Anton Giulio Onofri | Staged and filmed at Ekhof Theatre, Gotha (Germany). Extra feature: the documentary about the opera and the backstage “Le Fate, la magia continua” by Anton Giulio Onofri. Language: ITA Subtitles: EN