Chamber music: Rumbling Divertimenti | Tuscania vol.6

Rumbling Divertimenti | Tuscania vol.6

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The second half of the 18th century was a period full of experiments concerning combinations of instruments on chamber music.
This CD explores very unusual ensembles featuring... Violone and Oboe!

Recording on period instruments at 432hz.
First world recording on period instruments of the Divertimenti by M. Haydn, Gassmann and Boccherini.
In the booklet you may also find an article about the history of Pergola and Cocomero Theatre, the most important opera theatres in Florence in the 18th century.

Nicola Barbagli oboe & english horn | Giulia Breschi bassoon | Clarice Curradi violin | Marta Lazzeri violin | Stefano Zanobini viola | Hildegard Kuen viola | Valeria Brunelli cello | Margherita Naldini violone