Chamber music: Schnittke, Stravinskij, Adès

Schnittke, Stravinskij, Adès

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Comment from the artists:

“This record was born from the need to face three key composers of modern and contemporary classical music. Over a period of about a century, these three figures allow us to enter not only their music, but their specific world with its own languages, images and emotional atmospheres.

Schnittke takes up the lesson of the greats of the past, cites their ideas and thematic elements in an indissoluble "homage-obsession" bond, creating a combinatorial game that in the end is only a compositional means to take us into his twisted, distorted, decomposed and recomposed universe. where the popular and the divine, fears, nightmares and redemption are side by side.

Stravinsky with short, disruptive, lightning-fast pieces succeeds in frescoing a clear and evocative world, exploring all the technical and expressive possibilities of the string quartet in an innovative way.

Finally, Adès, today's compositional talent, takes us on a fascinating, virtuosic and extraordinarily colorful journey in the course of a day. Naturalistic touches like dewdrops are counterbalanced by a hypercerebral, self-aware construct. The apogee of the compositional process is the finale, entitled "The twenty-fifth hour", where time unfolds in an unprecedented 25/16, putting the performers to the test, but at the same time managing to create sidereal atmospheres of mercy, where time itself it cancels.

This record is a journey through time, not only because it spans the last century. It is a journey into Ontological Time, oscillating between Κρόνος and καιρός, extricating itself in its purest concept, unfolding the worlds and languages of three great musicians who have offered indisputable masterpieces to the string quartet. Perfect demonstration that this formation remains, through the centuries, an inexhaustible source of compositional stimuli".