Chamber music: Strues


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Anna Fusek and Alraune met each other with the idea of searching for the abstraction in counterpoint. They so chose to play some masterpieces originally written for other instrumental ensembles as well as vocal music in extremely abstract instrumental arrangements. Strues was the result of this work: a journey in the history of counterpoint searching for clarity and abstraction.


Anna Fusek: Recorder, Violin, Gothic Bells 

Stefano Zanobini & Franziska Schötensack | Violins

Hildegard Kuen & Stefano Zanobini | Violas
Rosita Ippolito | Viola da Gamba
Marco Casonato | Violone
Augusto Gasbarri | Violoncello

Mario Sollazzo | Harpsichord

Fabiano Merlante | Theorbo and Baroque Guitar