Max Fuschetto's Number One over 500 views on YouTube

The official video from "Ritmico Non Ritmico" release over 500 views on YouTube

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Number One by Max Fuschetto has now over 500 views on YouTube.

In Italy Max Fuschetto’s works were presented to Rai Radio 3 in the broadcasts of “File Urbani”, ” Battiti ” and “Alza il volume”.
His compositions have been used as the soundtrack of rilevant docufilms:
Dert (2017) by the Martone brothers (shot in Bosnia after the war), Dignity (2015) by Monica Mazzitelli (shoot in Mozambique), Midsommar (2013) a short film shoot in Sweden and Adriatico (2018) by Cristiana Lucia Grilli (shoot in Albania and Balcanic peninsula).
NovAntiqua released his "Ritmico Non Ritmico" album.

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