Chamber music: a CD to help Bogota

a CD to help Bogota

€ 30,50

NovAntiqua support the activity of the Escuela de Musica de Cámara de Bogotà by making part of its catalog available between May and July 2023.

Contribute with 30,50€ and you'll receive one of the following CDs:

CD Musica & Regime 4 | music for solo viola by Bela Bártok, Paul Hindemith, Adolf Busch, Sándor Vándor, Günther Raphael, Gideon Klein.
CD Tuscania 2 | viola duos by Giuseppe Maria Cambini and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
CD Colombes Crocodiles | string duos by Ludwig van Beethoven and Giuseppe Maria Cambini
CD Mozart in Florence | string duos by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Pietro Nardini

The Escuela de Musica de Cámara de Bogotà was founded by two Colombian cellists who studied in Italy at the Fiesole School of Music, created by Piero Farulli, violist of the Quartetto Italiano.
In addition to the regular activity of a music school, L'Esquela has developed musical projects that offer music for free to children and young people growing up in disadvantaged neighborhoods of Bogotà.
It also takes a nucleus of children from poor and disadvantaged families into "educational adoption": it organizes accommodation for them - integrating them into the families of some music teachers -, pays the fees for primary and secondary school and offers free instrument and chamber music lessons.

In the premises located in the peripheral and disadvantaged barriós of Bogotà it is not uncommon to see kids arriving barefoot, happy to be able to have a cup of hot aguapanela.
The "houses" of their "families" are 4 walls and a corrugated slab roof, with no doors or windows.
Lot of them have family situations that television series writers are not capable to imagine.
Some of them grow up in baby gangs and find a smile only in the weekly music hour.

If music is important for the growth of each human being, in these cases it is even more so.

Unfortunately since 2020 the Escuela de Musica de Cámara de Bogotà has to take on new challenges.
The social and financial network of Bogotà has worsened, since the financial crisis linked to Covid has not seen the Colombian state help with subsidies, as has happened in richer countries, and inflation has added to the inexorable drop in the exchange rate of Colombian pesos.
The impoverishment of the Colombian middle class has the repercussions of a decrease of regular student learning at the Escuela, which consequently is unable to finance all the social projects it has been working on.

This is why NovAntiqua has decided to contribute.
The funds raised by the purchase of the CDs from the link will be completely donated to the Escuela de Musica de Cámara de Bogotà.
Help us to be generous!